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Your office’s look is your first step to attract customers. How about an office where the tiles are as welcoming as possible? Doesn’t it increase the chances of finalising the deal? Sure it does! Southampton Tilers consider tiling a crucial aspect of your commercial environment. Thus, we offer a complete range of services to align your office’s look to your business objectives. Consequently, our tilers in Southampton have developed a reputation for quality commercial tiling services over the years.


Your office, shopping mall, shop, or other commercial premise gets a lot more feet traffic than your house. Different people come by every day. Thus, it would help if you had strong tiles and an efficient tile job to ensure long-term protection. Choose Southampton Tilers to get guaranteed work and quality output. We understand that commercial tiling may be a hefty expense. Thus, we offer premium quality at affordable prices to make the services as useful for you as possible.

Why separate services for Commercial Tiles?

Our tilers in Southampton provide different floor tiling categories for commercial spaces due to its generic difference from residential tiles. Usually, residential tiles can be made from a less durable and softer material. The main reason is that these tiles have lots of traffic daily. Additionally, many areas in your home may receive foot traffic once or twice a month.

On the other hand, commercial spaces have a frequent inflow of people. Thus, the tiles need to withstand a lot more pressure and runoff in the commercial environment. Naturally, such tiles need stronger and more durable material.

Which tiles does Southampton Tiling prefer for commercial spaces?

Different material works well in commercial spaces. Some of the preferred tiles used by Southampton Tilers are as follows:


These tiles are aesthetically appealing and very versatile. However, they also use highly durable material. We prefer using these tiles with the customer wants their logo to be painted on the floor. Additionally, the tiles last longer in commercial, high feet traffic environments than most other tiles. Similarly, they come at a low price tag than most tiles.

However, their upfront installation costs are higher than may residential and commercial tiles. This aspect increases the cost per square foot of the tiling job. Still, Southampton tilers provide their installation at a better rate than most competitors.

Quarry Tile

Southampton tilers prefer these tiles in the commercial kitchen environment. They are almost spill-prone. Thus, their maintenance in the kitchen environment is cost and time effective. They are highly durable and come at a low price tag. However, their installation requires the right combination of materials. Otherwise, they may not last long and can cause repeat investments. Southampton tilers solve this issue by offering guaranteed services. If the tile comes out, we will replace it.

Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT)

These tiles are commercial superheroes. Here, the look of the tile mimics natural materials, which adds to their charms. Additionally, they are UV-cured, which makes maintenance easier than most tiles. However, they come at a hefty price-tag.

What are the different grades of commercial tiles?

Southampton tilers offer services for all grades of commercial tiles. However, we suggest that our customers only use Grade 4 and Grade 5 tiles for commercial usage. Grade 4 tiles are better for single person offices. For example, doctors or dentists may use them in their clinics. However, in high-traffic commercial spaces, like offices and malls, we only offer Grade 5 services. Our tilers in Southampton believe in providing the best to our customers. Thus, grade 4 services in such high traffic environments may cause a severe loss in the long-run.

Other tilers may ignore commercial tiling. However, it is always a top priority for Southampton Tilers. We consider each project individually and provide dedicated services to each client. Contact us now to get the best commercial tiling work done on your office premises.

We aim to deliver value to our clients and save them their hard-earned money by making the optimum cuts and minimising the wastage loss. We guarantee our clients with superior service and quality work.

So give Southampton Tilers a call, and we will answer your queries on how you will get the best commercial tiling service in Southampton at an affordable price.

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