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We at Southampton Tilers believe that creating the perfect wet room requires more than just using the right material or a good service.  Wet rooms are the perfect addition to your building and our committed and responsible experts at Southampton Tilers are always ready to provide you with the best tanking and wet room solution that promises to keep you satisfied for years to come.

Tanking &

Tanking or waterproofing is the technique of adding an additional layer of protection for the tiling of the walls and floors. As most of the premium quality and luxury tiles are not always water-resistant, the probability of your bathroom tiles suffering damage from water, in the long run, is very high.

Our tanking and wet room professionals at Southampton Tilers have the right skill set to choose the right tanking material and a hassle-free installation. So, your home stay protected from any sort of leakage issue.

We offer an expert solution for tanking and the installation of your wet room that provides you with a beautiful bathroom with high functionality and proper space utilisation.

The type of wet room you can install depends greatly on the type of flooring you are using. And to diagnose the flooring and choosing the perfect wet room is a task that our experts will handle for you.  And understanding the vision of the client and providing them the right skill set to make them into a reality is what sets Southampton Tilers apart from other competitors. We care just as much about your vision as we do about the overall functionality. And our expert will provide you a design and tank that will be a perfect marriage between the two.

Our service includes everything from,

  1. Tanking membranes
  2. Backer boards installation
  3. Drainage system installation 
  4. PVC wall paneling
  5. Linear drains
  6. Repairing your wet room leakage and so much more.

We do not compromise on our service quality and promise to deliver results with 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Inadequate tanking can create disasters. And you should not settle for anything less than what you deserve when it comes to tanking and wet room service.

Southampton Tilers is your one-stop-shop for wet room installation service. Our service covers all the aspects of the wet room installation. From designing to finishing, our service will carry out the highest standard and provide you with the best value for money.

So, give Southampton Tilers and get a quote on your wet room service in Southampton without any obligations.

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