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Walls hold the power to express the theme and creativity that a house possesses in the most elegant way possible.  Accent walls and feature walls provide you with the ability to be adventures and craft your vision into an aesthetic form of beauty. Making a certain wall stand out from the rest of the room adds charm to your home. Additionally, it helps the room look more spacious and comfier. Additionally, it adds vividness and energy to your room using colour, texture, and contrast. Southampton Tilers offer the best feature wall services. Additionally, our tilers in Southampton also floor your stairs. Furthermore, if you wish to combine both features, we are here to do that for you!


Choosing Southampton Tilers for feature wall designing and stair works is your best bet. Our tilers in Southampton have vast experience in developing different kinds of feature walls. Additionally, we work on multiple stair types, including straight and circular stairs. Thus, our professionals can provide you the best value for your money in any situation. We can also guide you on the different design concepts that suit your house during your free consultation.

How do we suggest the best stair tile services?

Our team of tilers in Southampton considers each job individually. Thus, we focus on your requirements unearthed during the first free meeting. Then, we devise a strategy to floor your stairs in the best way possible. Our focus is on the following aspects:

  1. The stairs must not make too much noise if they are close to the living space.
  2. Your safety is our number one priority. All stair works we offer are extremely safe and protect you.
  3. We suggest the best flooring for you, keeping in mind the traffic your stairs sustain. Thus, our team offers services in more durable tiles if your stairs get high traffic.
  4. We match the style of our service with the featured wall next to the stairs. That way, you get elegance plus quality service for the same price.
We succeed where others fail!

Feature wall development is a complex task. Most tilers in Southampton may fail to provide a quality service because they can not provide the right finishing. Additionally, Southampton tilers understand that the same look does not apply to each house. Instead, each project requires a new design than the previous one.

Finally, we consider the longevity of trendy patterns before suggesting them to our client. Our experienced team considers how long the trend will last. If we feel that the trend may not last long, we advise the homeowners to follow a different design. This way, homeowners do not need to make repeat investments. Additionally, they can save money on the type of design as well.


Back in the old days, feature walls were all about the application of common wallpaper patterns and paint colours. But with the aid of Southampton Tilers, accent staircase and feature walls have evolved into something more than cliche designs and backdrops.

Our experts here at Southampton Tilers are always ready to give you an interior design with tiled feature walls that can resonate with the beauty of your vision. We provide personalised accent wall crafts that changes the tone and vibe of your room into something much more sophisticated and elegant.

No matter what kind of tiling service you require, Southampton Tilers are always ready to go above and beyond to offer you the best service that money can buy.

We specialise in tile installation on the bathroom, kitchen, or living room walls to transform your traditional room into a rustic, vintage, or modern looking space from the ground up.

Floor tiles and wall tiles are difficult to differentiate. So, you can leave the duty of choosing the right tile for your walls to Southampton Tilers. We understand that, while floor tiles are mostly covered by various carpet rugs and furniture, wall tiles are on the eye level. So, it holds a bigger impact on the overall tone of your home.

Keeping that in mind, we will provide you with the best design options that will compliment your floor tiles and the theme and help you make a statement.

Our tiled feature wall and staircase services will provide a professional designer look and create absolutely stunning results. From marbles, porcelain to ceramic tiles, our tiling service includes a wide range of options to elevate the beauty of your home.

We are committed to providing the best service so you can take the beauty of your feature wall to the next level. Our tilers will pay attention to the smallest details like the texture, depth, and colour collaboration of every wall to bring out a more dynamic vibe of your statement piece.

Want to add a feature wall to your home? Contact our professionals now for your free consultation. We can offer stair tiling, feature walls, or a combination of both!

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